Satellite Media Tours (SMTs)

SMTs are the most timely, efficient and cost-effective way to get your message out to the broadcast media and online news outlets.

Our packages are full-service, including the research and development of your story, preparation of your spokesperson and the option of producing the tour from a studio or remote location. Frequently SMTs are packaged with Interactive/ Internet Media Tours (IMTs), webisode production and multimedia news releases.

Story Development & Complete Station Booking

§  Project consultation

§  Television

§  Radio

§  Secured media buys (depending on budget & preferred vendor partner)  

Full-Service Production

§  All production necessary for the SMT from set design to satellite delivery.

§  Production of a short video for cable network syndication. 

Monitoring and Reporting:

§  Weekly updates of booking status of the tour.

§  Initial project report distributed within a few days of the SMT.

§  Weekly usage reports documenting television and radio placements and viewers.

§  Downloadable airchecks from Hightail or Drop Box.


Co-Op Satellite Media Tours (Co-Ops)

Your client's or company’s product or service is seamlessly integrated into a newsworthy segment with other similar yet non-competing products offering viewers valuable consumer tips by a credible, third party expert/ spokesperson.

Co-op Satellite Media Tour Details:

A sponsored co-op SMT package varies by vendor, but can include a 4 -6 hour booking window in a production studio, crew and satellite distribution, media outreach/ booking, 20-25+ TV, radio and Internet bookings, secured media buys of Top 100 broadcast affiliates, national buys on nationally syndicated shows such as Coffee with America, The Daily Flash, Newswatch and a national Audio News Release. The larger your budget, the larger your audience or results.  Packages can range from several million to upwards of 12-15+ million impressions for a solid ROI on your  sponsorship investment. 

Monitoring and Reporting:

§  Weekly updates of booking status of the tour.

§  Initial project report distributed within a few days of the SMT.

§  Weekly usage reports documenting television and radio placements and viewers.

§  Downloadable airchecks.


 Radio Media Tours (RMTs)

If your needs don’t require any visual component to get your message across, a Radio Media Tour could be the right tool for your publicity needs.  Clients can also have a   RMTs  packaged within a Satellite Media Tour Service for additional media outreach.

Radio Coverage Coast-to-Coast

Our Media team is in contact with radio stations across the country, and will work hard to place your content in the most heard radio stations coast-to-coast.

Story Development

§  Extensive Internet research of current events for possible news tie-ins

§  Writing media alerts and suggested questions for reporters

§  Exploring local angles and customizing alert for local markets 

Complete Station Booking

§  Station follow-up by our in-house Media Relations Department to book your RMT

§  Customized plan to target markets and programs of importance to you

§  Station relations and scheduling  

Full-Service Production

§  All necessary personnel including director, event coordinator, make-up, etc.

§  Recording a generic interview with spokesperson for stations that miss the feed 

Aggressive Follow-Up

§  Phone follow-up to confirm placements

§  Distribution of generic interview to additional stations

§  Initial verbal usage report within 24 hours and weekly on-going report


Interactive/ Internet Media Tours (IMTs) and Multimedia News Releases (MNRs)

An Internet Media Tour is a comprehensive, targeted approach to promoting an initiative throughout the online world. We make your content searchable and abundant all across the Internet.  The broadcast public relations firm will seek online coverage of your story by pitching online media, on social media sites like Digg, Reddit and     Del.icio.us, Web video portals like YouTube, Dailymotion and Google Video, leading news sites like Yahoo! News and Bloomberg, as well as high-traffic blogs and websites   that target your specific audiences.  Internet Media Tour Services Include:

Content Creation

§  Producing and editing your video content (or we can use existing video)

§  Creating a social media-ready microsite to host your video content

§  Creating a Multimedia News Release (MNR) and distributing it though a leading newswire service 


§  Pitching your story along with your content to targeted web influencers, i.e online journalists for blogs and websites run by newspapers, magazines, TV stations and    radio stations.

§  Distributing the Multimedia News Release (MNR) to major news sites.

§  Syndicating video content to more than the top, free video portals such as YouTube, Vimeo, etc.

§  Placing your content on viral social media sites.

§  Placing content on TV station websites